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Author John H. Cunningham has a background as eclectic as his literary subjects. Although he has been a senior investment professional for 20 years, he has also served as the editor in chief of The Pro Review, a magazine for professional photographers, and like his fiction protagonist, Buck Reilly, is also an aviation aficionado. With the help of his literary agent, Steve Troha of Folio Literary Management, he has recently released fiction thrillers Red Right Return and Green to Go as eBooks and paperbacks, which are available on Amazon.com. Continue Reading

Crystal Blue Now Available on Amazon & iTunes!

Celebrity charity charter in the Virgin Islands turns into kidnapping and big trouble for Buck Reilly...

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Green to Go Now Available on Amazon & iTunes!

Buck Reilly went to hell and back in Red Right Return. In Green To Go, it’s a one-way trip. Good news turns…

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Red Right Return Now Available on Amazon & iTunes!

Experience the high-energy romp through the streets of Key West and the skyways of the Florida...

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Crystal Blue The Further Adventures of Buck Reilly

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THE AIR WAS TURBULENT OVER THE LOWER KEYS, both in and outside the Beast. Towering cumulus clouds had built throughout the day, and now squalls caused me to zig and zag my way toward my charter customer Goodspeed’s destination of Fort Lauderdale. “When I heard you were running a charter service in Key West,” Goodspeed said, “I expected something first class. With as much money as you ripped off at...”

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Green to Go The Further Adventures of Buck Reilly

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Geneva, Switzerland - "YOU COULD’VE AT LEAST WORN A SUIT, BUCK." Ben was wearing one of my old Armani suits. When you owe someone money, a lot of money, nothing’s sacred. If my linen pants and aqua green fishing shirt weren’t out of place here, my flip-flops were. On the table was today’s International Herald Tribune. Typical headlines: Raul Castro’s funeral… United Nations troops in Darfur… U.S. warns Iran…

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Red Right Return Chapter 1


FORT JEFFERSON WAS VISIBLE IN THE DISTANCE, seventy miles from Key West, another outcast in the Florida straits. The Civil War fortress beckoned me, but I turned back to this morning's surprise, a beautiful, unscheduled one-way charter customer whose replies to my inquiries were met with hundred-dollar bills but no name. My name's Buck Reilly, but don't bother to Google me. You won't find a thing. I used to go by my...

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Buck Reilly, Matt Hoggatt and Fishgrease

Listen to "The Ballad of Buck Reilly" release by Mailboat Records recording artist, Matt Hoggatt.

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