As an adoptee himself, John has used his own experiences, and seeks to use those of some of the world’s most notable and accomplished people to show how adoption has truly shaped, impacted and changed our world. In The Chosen, John hopes to be a peacemaker in the incendiary environment of unplanned pregnancy by calling for a revolutionary shift in society toward grace for those facing one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.

The Chosen, How Adoption has Changed the World will be the first book to recognize the contribution and positive impacts of adoption to our world, which will be accomplished through a series of interviews, or summaries written by or about some of our culture’s most recognized or accomplished people. John is seeking input from famous adoptees, birth parents and adoptive family members to contribute adoption stories from their personal experiences to help illustrate how adoption has permeated our lives and culture as a means to provide pride and community for adoptees, catharsis and gratitude for birth parents, appreciation and positive examples from adoptive families and grace for those facing unplanned pregnancies.

There will also be biographies of several historically significant people with relationships to adoption. The Chosen is a non-judgmental, apolitical, non-secular series of individual stories. Those included are intended to be from diverse backgrounds, and not from a singular viewpoint. Steve Troha of Folio Literary Management and RoseMarie Terenzio of RMT PR Management are assisting John in contacting with potential participants and publishers.

John is also seeking every day adoption stories from adoptees, birth parents and adoptive family members, or even those who had considered adoption when facing an unplanned pregnancy to share their stories, too. Examples of these may be included in The Chosen, or may appear on John’s website, blog or Facebook fan page. Please contact John through the website if you’re interested in contributing.

A Facebook Fan page for The Chosen has been created and can be joined here. From that base, along with Twitter and other social media, he hopes to connect with a host of potential fans with excerpts from his books, in addition to encouraging reader’s thoughts on their adoption experiences, along with sharing updates on his writing and personal adventures.


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